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Delhi escorts disclose her lifestyle

As an outsider, you must have wondered how girls working as escorts in Delhi live their lives. These college girls and married women have remained a source of enigma for men who want to enjoy their company at least once in their lives. As a mature housewife working at Delhi Escorts, I am the right candidate to answer all these queries. You make a judgment about these women based on articles written by others. Today, you will know the absolute truth from someone who has been in this field for more than 5 years. 

Most Delhi escorts live a cool and peaceful life

Do you think escorts in Delhi live a hectic life, always ready to welcome their clients? You are wrong if you think along these lines. Being an escort, I can tell you that Delhi escorts are their own bosses. They choose how much to work and when to relax. It means that these women remain fresh and charged up all the time. I am under no pressure whatsoever whether it is a weekend or a weekday. I have set a rule to work only 7-8 days a month. It means that I am free most of the time. I use this free time on relaxing and enjoying time with my friends and loved ones. 

You will find Delhi escorts dressed casually most of the time

Most clients visualize beautiful and curvy women in revealing outfits whenever they think about Delhi escorts. Do you really think we can wear such clothes in our daily lives? I love to wear jeans and T-shirts whenever I not attending a client and moving out with my friends. At home, I wear simple salwar kameez or a lower to remain comfortable and relaxed. It is only when I am going to meet a client that I wear clothes that are meant to make me look glamorous. My favorite attire is a saree blouse as it allows me to get the attention of all men around me. I am blessed with big breasts and ass and a deep neck blouse suits my curvy figure well. 

Delhi escorts lead a luxurious life

How much do you think a Delhi escort earns on a monthly basis? Most of my clients earn less than me except for a few businessmen. I charge Rs 7000 for an evening and I easily earn more than Rs 50000 a month working for only a few days. I save a fixed amount every month while I spend the rest on life’s necessities and also luxuries. I love gadgets and spend money on iPhones and laptops. I have a refined taste for everything that I use in my life. I also love to wear expensive clothes and jewelry. I have a cupboard full of designer clothes that I wear on special occasions. I know that my popularity as a top escort in Delhi will not last for a very long time. This is the reason I want to enjoy myself as much as possible in a short period of time.