How Delhi escort became my girlfriend

Delhi Escorts

Most men visit escorts to enjoy bodily pleasures. I have to admit I was not an exception. Being a bachelor, I craved the romantic company of a beautiful woman. As I am a shy young man, I do not have a large social circle, leave alone a steady girlfriend. I live and work in Delhi where it is not difficult to hire the services of a college girl or a mature housewife for a while. I looked at the photos of many women and finally selected a sexy bhabhi as my Delhi Escort for an evening. 

Delhi escort came to the hotel where I was staying

I had to spend a lot of money on booking my accommodation in a good-quality hotel in Delhi. However, it did not matter much as I was earning a good salary as a manager in a shoe factory in Delhi. When she arrived, I was sipping at a glass of whiskey. Her name was Renuka, and she appeared like an angel from heaven in a blue sari blouse. I must confess I was unable to control my feelings when I saw her cleavage in a tight sleeveless and deep-neck blouse. Renuka was a seasoned Delhi escort. She realized that I was ready for some grueling action in bed with her. Without wasting any time, She took my hands and placed them on her globes. 

Delhi escort introduced me to a world of pleasures

It did not take long for Renuka to understand that I was desperate for some oral sex. She allowed me to go down between her legs and taste the overflowing juices of her pussy. It was a dream come true for a young man who had never even come so close to a beautiful woman before in his life. She may have been a professional but this Delhi Escort had a heart made of pure gold. She decided to quench my thirst by introducing me to many more heavenly pleasures. Renuka had a curvy body with big breasts and an ass. She suggested we indulge in position 69 so both of us could taste each other’s private parts. I continued licking her juices with my tongue as she gobbled up my manhood in her mouth and began to roll her tongue over it. 

Delhi escort melted my heart with her love and care

It was not just her beauty and the ability to make me happy in bed that I found amazing. She was so courteous that I forgot all the worries of my life for a while. Renuka made me feel wanted as she pampered me like royalty. She fulfilled all my desires and also took care of my emotional needs. I knew she was the woman I was looking for for so many years. Renuka said she liked me for my gentlemanly behavior and the kind of respect I showed to her. 

By the time it was morning, both of us had become good friends. Renuka is my girlfriend and I take her out to have a good time whenever I am feeling lonely.